Saturday, February 13th 9:00-2am (Valentine's at Midnight!)


38-62 11th street,
btwn 38th & 40th Aves
Long Island City, NY 11101
Password is: "Dottie sent me"

$20 in advance
$25 at the door

Piping hot 20's jazz brought to you by the Cangelosi Cards
Hotsy Totsy flapper numbers from the Jazz Babies
Robber Baron Cocktails
Performances inspired by the legendary film:
Strict 'Puttin' on the Ritz' dress code
21 and over

a silent film invite just for you...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's that? You've got NOTHING to wear??

"What a bunch a hooey! I've got a hunch a swell kid like you knows how to ritz it up. C'mere. Let's put our melons together and we can come up with something 'specially tight."

Check out this very helpful short video with GREAT tips on clothes, hats, hair and shoes. I bet it's all in your closet, you just got to put it together!
Hats can make the outfit! St Marks, in the East Village is a great spot for super cheap hats. Bowler Hats, Straw round hats, Derby hats, Fedora hats and Top Hats you can find at Halloween Adventure for $20-30.

If you haven't noticed a trend towards 20's inspired fashion, you haven't been shopping lately. H&M, Strawberry, Forever 21, Daffy's, Rainbow, Filene's Basement all have sparkly dresses for CHEAP! Some for as low as $19.99!
And you won't be able to miss the accessories (which really pull the look together). Long pearl beaded necklaces are everywhere for next to nothing, headbands with feathers are in all the stores and on the street. Grab one and wear it across your forehead with a hair pin to hold it in place and boom, you got the look! Or you can drape a beaded necklace like a headband and pin it into place and you have a gorgeous headband! Halloween Adventure and St. Marks street in the East Village has feather boa's, long black gloves, and other accessories like cigarette holders. They also have a Cleopatra beaded headdress that can easily pass as a fabulous 20's beaded headdress. Throw on all the sparkly stuff you got! T-strap, mid height heals were the look for shoes, but heals in general work. If you're feeling really crafty you can get rhinestones, feathers and fringe on 38th St between 7th and 8th for cheap and glue on to a head band and make your own fabulous headdress! Check out this very helpful tutorial on 20's eye makeup. It will complete your look :

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So, you have a few questions, eh?

"Hey, kid, I get it. It's hard to wrap your thick noggin' around, ain't it? A secret speakeasy you never been to? A password to get in? Dapper duds? And what exactly is Hot Jazz?? I hear what your screamin', brother. I do. And I'm about to help you out..."

All of your BEAUTIFUL and DAMNED questions Answered:
(and if not, drop us a line, will ya?)

Where exactly is EXILE located? What are the nearest trains? Are there car services available to us?

Exile is located at 38-62 11th Street, between 38th and 40th Aves in Long Island City, Queens, near the 59th Street Bridge.

The nearest train station is the 21st Street station, just four blocks away:
The Queensboro train station is further away, about a 15 minute walk:
Click here for a map of the area with the exact location and to see the nearest train stations.

There are a number of car services in the area and we'll have their information easily available to you the night of the party.

What IS the password to get in?
"Dottie sent me."

Is it absolutely REQUIRED to dress up in 20's garb?
We strongly encourage you to get into the spirit of the evening! We always have more fun when we look fly. We'll also be posting some easy, and inexpensive ideas and where to go in the city for both men and women in the next day or so. But if this is something that is holding you back from coming out for a fun night, don't sweat it!

What is the music going to be like and can we dance to it?
You better be prepared to shake a tale feather because the Cangelosi Cards are known to blow it out. But don't take our word for it. Check out this glowing review from the Producer and Host of Down Home Radio, Eli Smith:

“The Cangelosi Cards are one of the best bands I’ve seen anywhere. They have a great live show, perfect for dancing! I envy any one who has not yet seen them because you now have the chance to see them for the first time! They keep it strictly real, playing traditional New Orleans style jazz, but continue to see it as a living tradition- and as such bring in influences from outside the cannon, such as country, blues, and early popular music. The level of musicianship is brilliant, bring your dancing shoes!”

Do I need to really get there by 9:00, won't the party go until 2?
The band starts at 9:30 and we have some amazing performances planned soon after that. We don't want you to miss a thing and encourage a timely arrival.

Will you be able to take credit cards?
Take a cue from the era and pretend credit cards don't exist. Just for the night. Or until you get into that taxi home. Bring cold hard cash-o-la, pretty please. Your bartenders will thank you.

Speaking of the Bar, what will be offered?
You will be greeted at the door with a bubbly house cocktail, care of Hush Hush Gang. After that you're free to take advantage of our illustrious cash bar with signature prohibition style cocktails, wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. All at bottom dollar prices so you won't go broke.

"So, I've given you quite the earful and you've got the inside skinny. Now you're on the trolley!"

Friday, February 5, 2010

Extra Extra!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

You've Got Nine Days, Kid....

"Quit beating your gums and giving me those baloney excuses about not having the clams to shell out for a swank time. Don'tcha know it doesn't get much more penny pinchin' than this, kid? And, to boot, you buy your tickets ahead of time, you save some dough AND you get a leg up on the slow pokes, bound to miss the boat. Sound copacetic? Then, do it! "
Now that the tickets are available online you don't have any excuse. We're just a little over a week away!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Hey kid,
I'm gonna let you in on a little secret about this juice joint I know about. This ain't no regular gin mill, see? Sure, they got giggle water and all the regular sheiks and shebas...but what you don't know from nothing is, THIS is the Real McCoy. Speakeasy, that is. No kiddin'. And, get this:

It's called....EXILE."

The venue for BEAUTIFUL AND DAMNED, also know as James J Paretti Hall, has a rich and storied history. A grand, standout building in Long Island City, Queens, it was originally built to be party headquarters for the New York City political organization, Tammany Hall.
It eventually enjoyed a brief stint as an actual Speakeasy, with secret passageways and all! Jimmy Durante and the like are said to have performed in the amphitheater that used to be in the upstairs area of the building and the Yankees, who, apparently used to practice down the street, would come to shower and then hang in the lounge downstairs. It later became Democratic party headquarters (lending to the space red white and blue mirrors that still remain) and later a meeting hall for a labor union. During the late 70's and early 80's the building transformed into a discotheque and punk rock nightclub, EXILE, hosting such seminal acts such as Klaus Nomi, The Germs, The Ramones, and others. The name EXILE has stuck for three decades and the original sign still remains on the site, now an artists' residence and work space....and home to the BEAUTIFUL AND DAMNED Valentine's event!
This historical venue is NOT to be missed.
Below is a picture of Exile from the olden times.

"Now, don't go yappin' your gums to every Tom, Dick and Dora about this, kid. I know people...who know people. If you catch my drift."

Friday, January 22, 2010

"Hey kid, yeah, you...c'mere. Shhhh, listen. You don't look like one of them fact, you look like you know a good time when you see it, am I right?

Well, I'm gonna level with you. There's this party I know about, in this swankified juice joint I've heard about, that's gonna be the bees knees."


We are just a little over three weeks away until it's time to don our glad rags, shake a tail feather and down some gin fizzes. Leading up to the event, we will post links for jazz age inspired duds, videos of music from the era and general roaring 20's inspiration.

We will also reveal here how to get tickets, where the location of the event is and what the secret password is to get in. All in due time.

"Now, scram!"